4 Great Tips on How to Teach Numbers to Kindergarten

Teaching numbers to kids is a tricky task. Most of the time they reject this foreign concept or throw a tantrum if you try to make them sit through a ‘fixed’ lecture. 123 recognition is an essential skill that is important for kindergarten kids. Therefore, to help out new parents and kindergarten teachers, we have devised some tips and tricks to help you through this tough journey!

Before you teach your kids, you must prepare yourself for this task. Firstly, study thoroughly how to prepare your kids for the learning experience from home. Secondly, collect the relevant content and resources to use while teaching your child. I would highly recommend using a game-based interface for kids of age 2 years, to help them stay involved. Moreover, you should start teaching your kids how to count from the age of 1. There are many games available online such as MathisFun or CoolMathGames.

1. Teach them numbers when walking.

Start teaching your kid how to count from the time they start taking steps. It helps them learn the order sequence and makes it easy for them to pronounce these words when they have to learn it later on. Say it out loud! Moreover, also encourage them to say the numbers loudly along with you. Print out the numerals on a paper which is large and visible and paste it on the stairs. Help your child learn them when moving up and down.

2. Use numbers flashcards.

Flashcards are a great source of teaching numbers to children. In kindergarten kids respond to digital sources of learning much faster as compared to the traditional methods. The innovative fonts and, striking colors help the kids stay attentive and involved in their classes. We have created an all in one flashcard app for kids. It comes with endless features and has been a great resource for parents who are trying to teach their children at home.

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3. Teach numbers using fingers.

Teach your toddlers to use fingers, count with them. Reward your child for getting the sequence properly. Kids are very inquisitive. Use this to help them make the most of their abilities. Help them learn how to count in ascending and descending order. Play peek-a-boo with them. [su_image_carousel source=”media: 5252″ slides_style=”photo” controls_style=”light” crop=”none” columns=”2″ align=”right” dots=”no” target=”self” autoplay=”0″ image_size=”medium”]

4. Play numbers game in a group with kids

Children love playing together, it livens up a sense of competition between them. Use it to your advantage and help them learn something meaningful. Play-dough is a great way to teach children, Match-the-number game is also a great activity to teach kindergarten essential recognition activity.

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