6 Best ABC Kids Apps in 2024

Best ABC Kids Apps in 2024

Introduction to best ABC Kids Apps: In today’s digital age, educational apps play a crucial role in children’s learning and development. When it comes to teaching the alphabet to young learners, ABC kids apps offer an interactive and engaging way to introduce letters, phonics, and vocabulary. These apps are designed to make learning enjoyable while […]

What are Vowels and Consonants and How to Pronounce?

Vowels and consonants are the most critical aspects of the English language. Demonstrating them is essential for kids to learn the language and explain the sounds of each letter. English is not about learning letters and recognizing capital and lowercase. It is about pronouncing each letter right to enhance phonic skills. By learning phonics, kids […]

7 Fun Activities to Teach Word Building for Preschoolers

Teaching words to kids is essential in early learning, where building words provides several benefits that help them remember and learn in later stages of life. Using apps and educational tools has made it easier for parents and teachers to develop strategies to ensure fun and happy learning. Since no children like to learn through […]

How to Teach New English Vocabulary without Worksheets

Teaching new English words requires patience and courage to let your child absorb and understand the meaning behind the new terms. Studies have shown that students need to encounter 10 to 16 to learn a new phrase effectively. It acquires implementing the right strategies to teach the new English vocabulary to kids.  Since no children […]

How to build English Vocabulary in kids

Children quickly pick up new phrases in their surroundings, which helps them explore and find new nouns on the move. Whether they pick up new words from the park or in cartoons, kids will always find different ways to observe what they see when learning English vocabulary. In other words, kids are keen observers of […]

How to Promote Language Development in the Classroom

Language Development is extremely crucial for children, especially kindergartners. As a  teacher, we always think about new tricks that can help the class move one step ahead. That is why we compiled 5 tested tricks to promote language development in the classroom. These are thoroughly thought through. Not only that, but these activities are also […]