Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Words for Kids!

Practicing spelling is crucial for children to remember and apply the words in further learning stages. Whether your child likes to learn spelling or not, it should encourage engagement to learn new words. Since no children like long and tedious lessons, there are different and fun ways to practice spelling words for kids. These activities will keep spelling alive and erases your child’s boredom. 

Learning at school has changed tremendously in the past decades, where digital learning symbolizes the importance of adapting to various learning methods. The accessibility and convenience have made it easier for parents and teachers to find different ways to improve spelling without any hassle. These learning methods help add fun ways to practice spelling words for kids. If your child struggles with spelling, you are at the right place! 

Combining traditional and digital learning will enhance the fun and interactive ways to learn to spell and remember words quickly. Once your children know to spell, they will find interactive methods to enjoy and learn different spelling activities.

How to Make Spelling Fun?

Fun spelling words

Countless options allow children to learn to spell by comprising different games and activities to boost engagement. These games will add fun and build confidence in learning new words. The fun ways to practice spelling words for kids will enhance reading and increase vocabulary skills in future stages. You can do any of these games and activities to erase your child’s boredom with spelling.


Hangman is the most popular letter guessing game used at schools and at home to remember spelling and build vocabulary. This game never gets old as it makes a fantastic game to allow your child to build memory and guessing skills! Once you play Hangman with your child, they will never get bored. It helps to boost confidence in guessing letters. Since this game is easy to play, you have to devise a word and put a couple of dashes to let the children think of the letters. You can add the hint if kids are unable to know the word. However, letting children guess the word without providing any clue is better.

CVC 3 Letter Words

Phonics learning is essential for kids to learn to spell and memorize how to pronounce letters correctly. The changes in digital learning have helped children learn spelling without boredom. The CVC 3 Letter Words app comprises advanced functions allowing kids to quickly access and understand three-letter phrases. 

The educational app boosts engagement with high-quality images to understand the word and process visual information better. Interactive and animated features help kids to learn spelling without getting bored and aid to access without relying on worksheets. The short activities will keep your child busy and engaged through studio-quality voiceover and have 14 sections and 84 phrases to learn more words fast. It makes it easy to use without providing long instructions.

Words Train

words train

Words Train is another educational tool that marks the fun ways to practice spelling words for kids. The app is all about word creation; all you have to do is build words with the corresponding image. The tool has studio-quality voiceover to help kids fluently pronounce the letters and words. It allows kids to make spelling fun and gain confidence in correctly saying the letters and words. 

The app consists of three levels, beginning with three-letter phrases and working up to seven-letter terms. Once your child begins recognizing words, they will enjoy and learn the spelling quickly. The more your child builds words, the more they will remember the spelling.

Create rhymes and raps using spelling

There could be more fun having spelling with some music! The tunes and melody help kids to know the spelling by creating rhymes and raps to keep children engaged. If your child loves music and struggles to learn to spell, this activity is the best way to add verses and rap the words. Using a musical tune while learning to spell helps kids to understand the terms better and incorporates words that can get stuck in your head for better memory.

Create a spelling wall 

Creating a spelling wall adds fun and creativity where kids can make words and put them on the wall. It requires having a massive piece of paper and sticking them on the wall. Then allow children to give cards and write the words they know with pictures to see the phrase’s appearance. The more words they know, the more they will learn and build better engagement. If sticking out paper is inconvenient, use a whiteboard and let kids write down the words on the board.


Crosswords app

Crosswords are the most engaging word game where the hints provide at the side, and the child has to write letters on the set of spaces. This activity is an excellent way for kids to make and spell exciting words. Since crosswords involve a more active form of learning, it enhances thinking. It fills in the blanks for building a better memory. Once your child engages with crosswords, they will make cognitive mental skills and a sense of accomplishment.

Word Search 

Wordsearch is the most fantastic word activity. It provides a grid of letters, and children have to search the words given. The best part about this game is that it helps kids remember the spelling, find words, and mark them on the grid. It gains in word recognition, introduces new vocabulary, and makes it more competitive. This game makes the best way to sharpen the memory and develop new words. The best thing about this game is that it is great for kids and makes an excellent activity for teenagers and adults.

Play Letter Flashcards 

Letter flashcards are widely used in schools and at home, where kids learn to build words by memorizing letters. Since this activity makes a terrific learning method, it can be tedious to make flashcards through paper. One of the best ways to save time and energy on making flashcards is to access the Alphabet Flashcards app. 

The app is easy to use, consisting of 26 letters of the English alphabet. The digital flashcards have a letter with a word and an image to help kids learn each alphabet’s spelling. It helps in gaining the confidence to remember words and absorb visual information. The sound effects provided aids kids in knowing what the object sounds like for better auditory learning. Real-life photos and illustrations help kids to understand each letter and word.

Highlight Words in Newspaper 

Reading and finding words are the best skills for children to learn spelling quickly. To do this step, give your child a newspaper and a highlighter to see how children are quick to pick up words. Tell your child to highlight all the phrases, even if they haven’t heard them before. Still, it makes an early development of recognizing unfamiliar terms. Once your child highlights all words, tell them to use a dictionary to know the context and definition behind that particular phrase.

Jumble words 

Jumbling around the letters brings fun and mess, allowing children to find the alphabet and form a phrase. If you have magnetic letters, then put the letters in a mountain and let your children find those letters to create a term. Jumbling magnetic letters helps kids to encourage word creation and increase enthusiasm in discovering new words.

Wrap Up 

Learning to spell is essential to apply in further stages. The changes in education have encouraged digital tools to adapt to different learning methods. The fun ways to practice spelling words for kids allow children to spell without disengagement. These activities will help kids to improve spelling quickly.

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