How can you help your Child with Math Anxiety

Have you ever noticed your child’s behavior when it comes to solving any maths question?  Terror reflects on their face, breathing rate increases while palms are damp. They would cry, sit, and stare at the maths questions for a long period. These are factors contributing to math anxiety.  It’s stated that billions of children struggle with maths around the world. However, some children feel anxious even looking at questions of maths. Since maths require most of the thinking strength. Hence, this cognitive strength is inhibited by anxiety.

Ponder over moments where you questioned your child “why can’t you do it?! “, “what’s the reason? “. Do you recall their answer? Perhaps they replied that they can’t do it. They hate maths or its too difficult for them. These answers are caused by math anxiety. They have to battle themselves to figure a way out of it as math anxiety is an emotional matter that leads a child to self-doubt. Hence, it can make a child avoid math class and any question involving numbers.


Math Anxiety is caused by numerous reasons. In a matter of math, anxiety is linked with both past and present. It has a strong impact on a child’s brain directing to a fixed mindset as well. For your convince, we have mentioned some of the main causes leading to math anxiety.

  -Extreme Strictness while Preschooling

Every parent wants the best for their child. However, often parents tend to use strict measures to make their child study as a preschooler. Preschooling includes in developing phase. Thus, any action taken by parents has a powerful impact on a child’s brain. A child ends up feeling distant from studies if extreme strict measures are taken. During this phase, education is given through a fun and gentle way. Strict measures can cause lack of confidence in children.


Feeling embarrassed is a normal emotional reaction. However, it can be dangerous if it inhibits education. This shows signs of lack of confidence. Unlike normal children, billions of thoughts run through the mind of a child with math anxiety. Many studies point towards public humiliation in this scenario. It could be possible a child was shown negative feedback when they have questioned which lead them to feel humiliated and now has imprinted past in their head.


Pressure during any test, for a child suffering from early math anxiety signs, is disastrous. The child already feels anxious even looking at maths questions. Thus, putting pressure on the child leads to additional emotional stress.


It’s hard for a parent to see their child struggling with math anxiety. We have some fantastic tips you can use to help your child overcome this problem. You can follow now to help your child avoid suffering from this in the future too.


Math is tough for many children. Thus, if parents and teachers would praise a child for understanding concept or else solving a question right. That would greatly help a child gain confidence. Gaining confidence is the first key to overcome math anxiety. A child doesn’t hesitate to ask a question or participate in class, they feel encouraged. Neither do they overthink during question paper.


Letting your child strive to learn independently is a good step. However, in the case of math anxiety, it can be deadly. A child feels stressed when they aren’t able to answer a question. Hence, instead of letting your child struggle with difficult questions. You can tackle them with your child. During such moments a child comprehends a question better. It also strengthens the parent and child bond.


Since teachers and parents have a powerful impact on a child. It’s good to make an anxious child comprehend that mistakes are part of life because they suffer from anxiety, they have extreme fear, and making mistakes can lead to a stressful emotional and physical situation. Thus, a positive image of small mistakes can help them overcome this fear.


It’s a simple and effective way to make your child start liking maths. A fun way can always make any human overcome their fear. In a nutshell, plan interesting and enjoyable math games for your child or else play online math games which fascinates them. One or two hours a day are enough for a child to grasp concepts well also overcome their fear of math questions.

Good luck with helping your child conquer math anxiety!




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