How to make grocery shopping fun for kids

Shopping makes everyone excited

but not kids okay? We are talking about toddlers here! Those that fight on the cart type. Grocery shopping is an essential skill. I have attempted to make grocery shopping fun for kids because I have to bring them along anyway. Moreover, to teach my kids how to select items according to their needs it is essential I let them chose independently in a safe environment. Play pretend grocery store with your kid. Most importantly, DO NOT lose your patience.[su_image_carousel source=”media: 4985″ controls_style=”light” crop=”none” columns=”2″ align=”left” dots=”no” target=”self” autoplay=”0″ image_size=”large”]


1. Grocery shopping turned into the scavenger hunt

It might sound absurd but your kids’ shopping trip with you can be overwhelming. Make a scavenger hunt map to teach them how to navigate themselves. Make a grocery list for your kids. These are subtle skills that kids learn the hard way if parents don’t consider teaching them. To make it fun add a reward at the end!

2. Let them choose the grocery

It is extremely important that you let your kids decide, but not while having a rush grocery stock up. That is why I let my kids have all the fun of choosing in the Grocery Expert app. The grocery store tantrums are all subsided as they can ‘grocery shop’ on their tablets. The best part is I don’t have to pay a penny and they are all happy and satisfied while I zoom around the aisles to gather the items I need without any screams. It also comes with the billing feature so your kids’ math skills are sharpened. To wrap it all up, you can buy the items they chose and treat them for granting you a peaceful grocery store trip.

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3. The fun fact game

Tell your child facts about items in the fresh produce aisle. Don’t forget to associate every fact with a superhero they like. This makes them eat their veggies without any fuss. Ask them about those facts on the next trip to ensure that they remember! Ask them the names of fruits and vegetables. Throw in questions like ”What fruit would you chose if you could eat it every day?” or ”Most favorite item in the aisle”


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