How to Promote Language Development in the Classroom

Language Development is extremely crucial for children, especially kindergartners. As a  teacher, we always think about new tricks that can help the class move one step ahead. That is why we compiled 5 tested tricks to promote language development in the classroom. These are thoroughly thought through. Not only that, but these activities are also the type, kids enjoy A LOT.

It might seem in the classroom that these kids are not attentive. However, a teacher is the first outsider a toddler/preschooler interacts with. You won’t believe this, but you as a teacher put so much of an impression on a kindergartner that they defy their parents at home. They believe EVERY word you say. Every parent has heard this ”No! my teacher said…”. The funny part is most of the time they have not even heard the instructions properly. Still, they go home and say whatever you said in the manner they perceived it.

3 Ways to Promote Language Development in the Classroom.

1. Interact with your class.

As a kindergarten teacher, it is important that you give each child equal and undivided attention in turns. This is important because not only are you a teacher, you are a role model. Sometimes even a safe haven for kids neglected at home. It is a kindergarten teacher’s ethical duty to check on children for possible abuse at home. Be it physical, emotional, or mental.

  1. Get down on your knees, at the level of your student when talking to them.
  2. Ensure that you ask EVER child a question to answer.
  3. To ensure fair chances. In case you do not do that. the child not asked feels left out and neglected.
  4. It may not seem a big deal, but the emotional damage to a kindergartner is high.

2. Promote  Conversations.

Kindergarteners love to talk. If there is a kid that is not talking. IT IS NOT NORMAL. Engage every child in a conversation. Do not focus on one kid.

  1.  Ask them questions like,” So Kevin what did you have for breakfast?”
  2.  ” Who wants to watch the ABC dance again?”
  3.  ” What is your favourite game?”
  4.  ” What will build with these legos?”

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3. Promote language and vocabulary.

language and vocabulary are important for you to teach, new words and inculcate correct grammatical sentence formation. However, it is not wise to strictly target or lecture a preschooler over a wrong answer or grammatically incorrect sentence.

  1. . ”What candy do you like?”
  2. ”What is your favourite colour?”
  3. ”Let’s make new words with C?”

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