How to Teach Consonant Letters to Toddlers?

Teaching Consonant Letters to Toddlers!

We’ve all found out about consonants and a large portion of us can name them. We additionally realize how to absolutely suitable sounds. In any case, what are consonants precisely? A consonant is a sound of discourse that is not equivalent to a vowel. It alludes to the letters of the letter set leaving the 5 vowels–An, E, I, O, U aside. There are 21 consonant letters in the English letters in order.

1. Consonant letters Blend

Consonant mixes are a gathering of a few consonant words that make a particular sound, for example, ‘pl’ or ‘spl’. The various sounds in consonant mixes can be heard separately when a word is articulated. Each letter inside the consonant mix is articulated separately however rapidly, which is the reason they mix together.

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2. Instances of Consonant Blends

Consonant letters mixes come in digraphs, trigraphs, and other letter mixes. These are a few models:


Consonant digraphs incorporate yet aren’t constrained to bl, ch, dr, fl, gh, ng, ph, pl, qu, sc, th, and wr. Words like gab, dark, blackberry, furtive, mythical serpent, and wild utilize digraphs.


Trigraphs incorporate yet aren’t constrained to nth, sch, scr, spl, spr, and thr. Words like schematic, sphincter, skinny, shrapnel, splat, spreadsheet, unit, and strawberry are models.

3. Words with Just Consonant letters

There are a few words in English that comprise just consonant letters. The simple ones you can begin with are fry, sky, tricky, why, attempt, song, my, and dry(where ‘y’ is utilized as a vowel sound). As your baby develops more established, you can acquaint him with longer words, for example, sepulcher, dwarf, vagabond, and tryst.

4. Improving Speech Articulation in Toddlers

Read your youngster from the beginning phase. Peruse gradually and articulate words unmistakably.

Ask your little child inquiries after you’re finished perusing. It’ll make learning more concrete.

Recognize letters and words in characteristic settings. Finish his life with adorable wooden letters or spot bright stickers.

Consolidate intriguing techniques to cause him to learn consonants, for example, through playing and drawing.

You ought to acquaint him with word families and order the words as indicated by the class. Now and again, training little children is a test the same number of kids don’t begin perusing appropriately until 6 years old.

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