How to teach your kids fruit and vegetable benefits

Teaching your picky eaters the benefits of fruits and vegetables helps them a lot with developing eating habits that are healthier. Here are some tips and tricks on how to teach them these benefits.

fruit and vegetable benefits

1. Fruit of the day

Assign a fruit of the day and let each child tell what they think about it. Explain the favorite bits about it and tell you if they don’t like it, why is it so? Make it seem like a presentation. This helps your kids build confidence, voice their narratives. It’s not just about fruits and vegetables anymore. This helps your child build public speaking skills.

2. Play the vegetable market

Kids love playing pretend and as time-consuming as it is. Its the one time you can actually do some personality development efforts because kids are receptive to your opinion as well. Pretend you are a farmer and ask them about different vegetables. Use flashcards and award bonus points to the kid who tells others some facts.


"fruit and vegetable benefits

4. Fruit warriors

Ask them questions like ”If you could only eat fruits for your life which one would you like” or ” Which fruit should be the king of the fruits” Help them design dress ups and engage them in serving their favorite fruits to other kids. Teach them different recipes and pies. Ask them to narrate the benefits of fruits or vegetables they love.

5. Gadgets and learning apps

Some kids are fussy eater and some really don’t complain, at the end of the day it all comes down to how you have trained them into eating. Yes! its true, parents pave the way a child develops eating habits. Even the picky ones. If you think things have gone too far, you are wrong. Toddlers are very impressionable. From what I have learned if kids don’t listen to you anymore. Let the tablets and iPads handle it

Yes! Kids absorb information from digital media much easier as compared to when taught by us.  That is why I use this amazing app called Fruit&Veggies with flashcards and pictures for my kids. It is available on IOS


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