Math is Fun

Why kids hate math?

In math answers can only be right or wrong, Leaving no room for imagination or explanations. This drives kids in a corner of correct answers and a slight error can magnify significantly as they solve the problems. Kids end up believing that they are simply not good at math inherently and have no room for progress, further diminishing their growth mindset. To make math fun, parents need to step in and take upon the task of ensuring their kid does not develop a fear for math problems.

The Daily Life Fun in Math

Teach your child how math plays a significant role in our day-to-day tasks. Count their steps, candies, and stars with them. There is no end to the number of preschool math activities you can do with your kids! Give them a thorough understanding of the numerical order. Once you integrate this in their daily lives, it will be easier for them to catch up on the difficult concepts later because the basics are hardwired in their subconscious.

Math is fun


The Golden Rule

When teaching your child the basic math calculations! Use candies and boxes as an example. The sequence you ought to use is

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Divison

Once your child has a firm grasp on these concepts. Integrate them all into a problem and explain to them the use of DMAS.

Tips and Tricks

1. A wrong answer now is not a wrong answer forever

There is always a chance to go back and fix the problem, Teach your kid to learn from their mistakes rather than letting them get to their head. A wrong answer helps them practice rigorously. It teaches them patience, observance, and the ability to calculate their next step wisely. Do Not Discourage Mistakes!

2. Make it an outdoor activity-Math is Fun!

This might sound weird but integrating maths in their playground activities helps kids acknowledge maths as a leisure pastime rather than a dry, boring, and mentally exhausting subject. While it is only in junior school that they have the chance to enjoy maths in the playground, its best to make the most out of it. Use pavement chalks to dry a puzzle map, reward them on their correct answers and let them take their time. Draw a treasure hunt for your kids, with the hint given by solving math problems. Math is fun when it is mixed with lots of running and rewards!preschool math activities

3. Fun Math games for kids 

Math is fun nowadays with the numerous amount of games at our disposal online. Websites such as MathPlayground have compiled an endless amount of games and challenges for your kids to enjoy all the while honing their mathematical skills.

We at Holiday Educationists have compiled step-by-step worksheets for kids to progress on, with fun maths questions for kids.


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4. Where is the fun in math?

The fun in math is the time you will spend with your kid, teaching them a skill set for life. The lack of parental guidance and support at this stage of life leaves a deep impression on children. It is upon parents to make these difficult things seem easy to their kids and that is why Holiday Educationist has crafted these learning apps for your kids.Math at home

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