Teach 123 Using Counting to 100 app

What is counting to 100?

For adults, counting is easy. However, for children, it involves a whole procedure to acknowledge a given pattern. For children, teaching the concept of 123 can be sticky that is why we will explain why we recommend counting to 100 app.

This may otherwise be something of a surprising revelation to the reader. However, we are not claiming that the mind of a 2-year-old works the same way as an adult. The point is that it sets in a thought process of the same design.

A lot of research done into studying the thought process that goes behind, counting to 100 in kids. That is why we have integrated the research into our apps to optimize child learning mechanisms.

How long does it take for a kid to learn numbers?

It takes young children four or five years to find out the amount name counting to 100 app, this in itself may be a huge undertaking it appears that children really only must learn the amount names up to twenty or thirty. With this data, it seems that in large measure, they determine that every one number names from twenty onwards are derivations from an awfully small stock of names.

Can kids count once they know the number?

The answer here may be a categorical “No”. Counting involves much, way more than the rehearsal of strings of number names. However, children could be able to count during a very real sense and yet make mistakes in their use of the sequence of number names.

Many children initially develop their own idiosyncratic sequence of number names like ‘one’, two’, ‘five’, ‘six’. If the kid repeatedly and consistently applies this one list to counting arrays of up to four objects and repeatedly defines three objects as ‘five’ and 4 objects as ‘six’, this child may well be said to be counting.

Why use apps?

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Apps designated for a specific task are designed after thorough research. Counting to 100 app has been crafted with a lot of research. not only, have we customized the app to help our children learn. but also, added features that can put their knowledge to test.

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